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The Heritage Trail shown on the map in red, runs from
Old Hilliard to Cemetery Pike Road


How To Get There

Exit 1-270 at Cemetery Road in Hilliard. Go west on Cemetery Road to Main Street. Turn right at Main and take Main Street to Center Street. Parking is provided at Center and Main, across from Otie's. You will find the trailhead at the rear of the parking area next to the Makoy Center.

You can also access the trail at Homestead Park on Cosgray Road, where there is plenty of parking, playgrounds and picnic shelters.

Homestead Park
4675 Cosgray Rd
Hilliard, OH 43026-7671

Metro Parks has developed a new park at the Hayden Run Road crossing offering parking. This is also the access point for a horse trail that parallels the Heritage Trail.


Distances Along the Heritage Rail Trail
  Old Hilliard Trailhead Leppert
Hayden Run Road Amity Pike Cemetery Pike Plain City Der Dutchman
Old Hilliard Trailhead 0 0.6 1.3 2.4 4.1 6.1 8.1 8.5
0.6 0 0.7 1.8 3.5 5.5 7.5 7.9
1.3 0.7 0 1.1 2.8 4.8 6.8 7.2
Hayden Run Road 2.4 1.8 1.1 0 1.7 3.7 5.7 6.1
Amity Pike 4.1 3.5 2.8 1.7 0 2.0 4.0 4.4
Cemetery Pike 6.1 5.5 4.8 3.7 2.0 0 2.0 2.4
Plain City 8.1 7.5 6.8 5.7 4.0 2.0 0 2.0
Der Dutchman 8.5 7.9 7.2 6.1 4.4 2.4 2.0 0


Directions to Plain City From the End of the Trail

(And The Der Dutchman Restaurant)

At the trail end, make a left onto Cemetery Pike and follow this around a curve to the right. You'll pass a big cemetery and cross the Darby Creek.

Turn right onto Plain City-Georgesville Road and follow this into Plain City. The Darby Township Cemetery is on your right and you'll follow the Darby Creek into town.

In Plain City, You'll pass the Municipal Building, Water Tower, and Fire Station. Turn left onto Main Street (Rt. 41/161/W). Watch for trucks, this is a major intersection. Follow Main through town, past the school and The Eskimo Ice Cream Stand to Jefferson Avenue. Turn left here (at the Speedway Gas Station) and The Der Dutchman Restaurant is a couple hundred yards on the left. If you eat too much, you may be calling for a ride home.




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